June 2024

Espn Shaw Named Head Volleyball Coach for The Trojans

Central Lake, MI – The Central Lake Athletic Department is pleased to announce the appointment of Espn Shaw as the new Head Volleyball Coach for the Trojans.

Shaw, formerly the Junior Varsity Coach, has an impressive coaching pedigree. Shaw will oversee all aspects of the volleyball program, including player development, strategy implementation, and fostering a positive team environment. Her coaching philosophy emphasizes skill development, discipline, and character-building among her players.

"I am honored and excited to move up and continue on with the Trojan family and lead the volleyball program at Central Lake High School," said Shaw. "I am committed to building a culture of teamwork, sportsmanship, and hard work while helping our student-athletes achieve their goals on and off the court."

Athletic Director Larry Rager commented, “We are thrilled to welcome Espn Shaw as our new Head Volleyball Coach. Her experience as a JV coach and her relationship with players make her an ideal choice to lead our volleyball program. We look forward to seeing the positive impact she will have on our volleyball program."

Shaw will begin her tenure immediately, preparing for the upcoming season and working closely with student-athletes to ensure their success both on and off the volleyball court.