Deposit Lunch Money

Options to Deposit Money

There are two ways to deposit money in your student’s meal account:

  • Bring cash or checks to the secretary in your school building.
  • Deposit online using debit/credit card or direct debit from checking or savings.

Online Service Providers

There is currently one online service providers which allow you to deposit money in your student’s Central Lake Public Schools meal account. This provider charges a small fee when you make a deposit. Currently, there are no fees for registering to use the services. Fees vary depending on whether you are paying via debit/credit card (costs more) or direct debit from checking or savings (costs less).

In addition to depositing money, this service lets you check your student’s meal account balance (updated once per day). The service allows you to setup an email reminder to warn you when the account balance reaches the amount of your choice. 

Please direct general questions to the secretary of your building. For detailed questions or problems using a service, please contact technical support for the appropriate provider.

Thank you for letting us serve you here at Central Lake Public Schools!


Category Breakfast Lunch
Full Pay $2.10 $3.30
Reduced $0.30 $0.40
Adult $2.90 $5.05
Milk $0.60 $0.60

*Please note that a students first lunch is free. If a student grabs a second lunch or a la carte items they will be charged. Please also note that a student must take a full breakfast, not just a milk, for their breakfast to be free. If a student only selects a milk, they will be charged.